Monday, March 23, 2009

Acting Classes Los Angeles: How to Get a Good Agent

How to get a good agent when you are embarking upon acting classes in Los Angeles?

Just spoke to Meredith from the Osbrink Talent Agency last night. She generously visited one of our scene study classes with one of our members Georgina Carlos. I of course took that opportunity and asked her many questions about acting classes in Los Angeles. I asked her what is the best way to submit to her? She said, the “Good old fashioned way … hard copy mailings.” I had heard that some agents for acting in Los Angeles prefer Online Submissions now. So, it was actually very refreshing to hear her say that. However, I personally hope that Online submissions will become the wave of the industry. She even said that the receptionist opens ‘each submission.’ Way to go, Osbrink! I asked her what would make one actor stand out over another? She said, they of course decide which areas they need to fill within the agency first, and then they look at the eyes of the actor in the photograph. The eyes have always been the window to the soul and will continue to be. So, when you get your photos done — — make sure the photographer has captured your eyes. Please look out for Acting Classes for Actors - Alexia Robinson Studio on Actors Access. We have partnered with them for a FREE series of Acting Classes in Los Angeles. Alexia Robinson Studio offers acting classes in Los Angeles and in Burbank for actors and will interview Top Industry guests to give actors the must updated and current information regarding your careers and the industry in regards to acting and acting classes in Los Angeles. If you can imagine it … It can happen … Keep HOPE Alive for Actors in Los Angeles.

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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Discount Fashion Shoes Are Much like Cheap Plastic Surgeries

During this economical crisis, more and more women, young and old, are turning to cheap affordable designer fashion shoes, without breaking their purses and their budget. With the help of the internet, adult to young adult women are now in a massive search not for “good guys” but for “good buys” on cosmetics, health products, fashion and accessories. Apparently, a study was conducted on the positive emotional and psychological effect on female consumers and discount fashion shoes.

Discount fashion shoes are like cheap plastic surgeries, they affect women’s emotion and mind set. Shoes make women feel beautiful, and feeling beautiful creates happiness and a sense of euphoria. At the end of the day it is not about the shoes, it’s all about what they’re feeling wearing the shoes. Much like the effect from a simple and affordable plastic surgery, because of the affordability women don’t have to stress too much on being able to come up with the money to pay for the surgery. Then after the surgery, they now wearing a new face or a new look that somehow gives them a sense of a new beginning, a new hope. discount fashion shoes are more temporary on satisfaction and gives more option on the type of style therefore provides more freedom on decision making.

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Women love discount fashion shoes as much as they love sex, sometimes even more. They found that most women would rather shop for discount fashion shoes to gain self gratification than gambling on a bad sex experience. They believe that the chances of gaining happiness and satisfaction on a discount fashion shoes is much higher than and favored over making love with their significant other.

A Sense of Control and Power from Finding Designer-Shoes-For-Less

The hunt for designer shoes for less is now the new trend within the women’s fashion community. The idea of finding the best bargain alone affects a woman on an emotional and psychological level whereby affecting her whole persona which transients to her social environment. Designer shoes for less bring out the positive aura amongst women.

There are now several groups of women who advocate the socio-economical impact of “designer shoes for less”. They preach to their members and sympathizers the idea of gaining power over the system of “over pricing-economics” and markets who take advantage of the consumers. They believe that there is a link between the mental and psychological impact of discovering “designer shoes for less”. Beating a powerful system gives them a sense of a power thus evoking physical traits that show confidence, independence and power. So the next time a woman talks about finding a good buy on designer shoes for less, pay attention because you’re witnessing a “power” in progress.

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Friday, November 14, 2008

How to Find Discounted Designer Shoes this Holiday Season

This up and coming holiday will have some not too good news for a lot of big retailers including the giant retailer Macy’s and online giant Amazon. The declining economical climate will again rule the public buying trend. Oh yes, when the prices are too high and the “dollar power” is low, a socioeconomic adaptation develops between the suppliers and the buyers. They somehow harmoniously conspire to meet each others desire.

Buyers will not stop completely on buying even the most non-practical items such DVD movies (as suppose to food and clothing) during this semi depression. However, buyers will more than ever go the extra distance to look for the best of the best discounts and prices on every item needed and wanted for this holiday season. In which in time, a new breed of small retailers will start to evolve to supply the adjusted buying trend. Because during these financially challenging periods, who wants to buy “full price”?

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So, for all the women out there who are looking for a good buy on discounted designer shoes and cannot afford to pay the going MSRP on some of the best and well known brands on designer shoes, there will be lots of online retailer sites that will supply this specific demand.

When the prices, even with some discounts, on these designer shoes are too high and the “dollar power” is low, women buyers will tend to halt on spending their diminishing fashion dollars until they’ve done a considerable amount of price comparison. And again, retailers know this very well. They also know that what women want, women get.

Therefore, looking for discounts on designer shoes will not be a tough one this year. Because online retailers know that this is one demand from the female buyers that will not decline nor diminish in spite of tough economical times, including demands in name brand cosmetics, skincare, and clothing lines. Much like the phenomena that were witnessed during the great depression in the 20’s, women who had barely any money left went and bought cosmetics instead of food.

Retailers will fill this demand of discounted designer shoes in various forms and tactics. One way to look for these mega discounts on designer shoes is online. All you have to do is search on Google for “discount designer shoes” and your prayers will be answered with pages and pages of listing results on retailers who are willing to slice these high end prices down to as much as 75% off! Some will even waive the shipping cost or even the sales tax if you happen to buy from a retailer who resides on the same state as you do. Go ahead try it.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Personal Services Business: Your Ammunition to the Employment Crisis

Starting a personal services business is easier than you think. Consider that a normal or traditional business requires a large capital and funding to start with. Large enough that you cannot afford it. Forget borrowing from a bank even if you have a close to perfect credit score. They are not in the mood to be lending at this moment in time. And good luck borrowing some cash from your friends and family during this down economy.

I do not want to start with a gloom and doom scenario with this blog, but I do want to face the economical reality that we’re in. This is not the time to be sitting around and to wait for your prayers to be answered.

If unemployment is upon you or you think that you may lose your job at any given day, it is now time to engage in taking control of your future. We are all artists of life in our own rights. To survive in these challenging times, you must be a creative fighter, a fighter for your own economical survival and for the future of your dependents.

Think of yourself as your best and most valuable asset because of what you can do for others. You have personal services that can be turned into your own business, a business that has particular service value that a lot of us will demand for at some point in time.

The idea of a personal services business is simple. The core commodity is non other than your own “time”. Your personal seconds, minutes and hours are the most precious assets that you can offer to donate, sell, or barter for other goods and services as well as monetary compensation. With personal services business you can leverage your income option. This decreases your dependency on your day job which by the way is only making someone else rich.

MAID & BEYOND offers online tools that can help you establish your personal services business website in an instant. These tools will allow you to create, design, edit and manage your webpages 24/7 and 365 days a year. And the main key tool of MAID & BEYOND is the “fixed-value service package” generator which allows you to create and post your personal services offers. And the best part is that you can receive payments and fees directly to your PayPal account from your website. MAID & BEYOND's personal services business allows you to be fully in control within a free market society.

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It is time to get up and fight against the odds. Take advantage of the fact that we still have some freedom left and now is NOT the time to be inactive and depend solely on false hopes and promises. Know that you are the only one who can truly save yourself and your family. There is only one true leader that you should follow and that is YOU. Take action and understand that you cannot rely on anyone to save you in this rough challenging times. Take in charge of your own destiny.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Extra Income in Starting your Personal Services Business

Are You Broke?
Need extra income in your financial life? Then it’s time to think outside the box.

Why not sell your “hours” in face value? Sell your “time” by conducting the value of your own hours of service(s). The idea is to package your personal hours and sell them online for anyone to buy. And wouldn’t it be nice to get paid instantly and directly to your account, even before you start the job? Yes, it would.

How cool would it be if you could post these “packaged hours” of services right on your own website with description of what exactly they would get for the price your asking for these packages. Much like posting new (tangible) products on your shopping cart for people to simply click and buy as they go, the same procedure applies only the products are intangible and they are your personal hours “for sale”. Get the idea yet?

It would be nice to earn extra income in this current financial crisis with this type of new approach in selling your personal services. In this type of economical trend, your very basic commodity, your “personal hours”, is probably your only valuable asset at this point in time. That is if you’re not like the lucky ones who have enough savings to ride the tide.

We all know the current employment situation in our nation. One day you have a job, the other day you’re in line for an unemployment check. Let alone earn an extra income in this unpredictable financial environment.

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sarah Palin Halloween Mask

Despite of all the controversial events that have been surfacing on Sarah Palin, she’s still holding her head up as high as she can. Well, because she has too. Win or lose, she’s going to be remembered as the “pit-bull” mom that she portrayed her self to be.

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We’re just starting to meet this new soon to be an iconic Alaskan soccer mom that I hope to God that she will never ever get to run the country in any shape or form. I believe in equality and even would support a female President of US. I actually think that it would definitely put a new twist to the handling of our foreign affairs and relations.

Anyways, I just want to promote this Sarah Palin Halloween mask, cuz I think it would be a hoot to see a Palin face at a gathering since most of us will probably never see her in person.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Promote your Personal Services Business! Beat unemployment!

Everyday more and more individuals in the workforce are losing jobs. Maid & Beyond believes that these individuals deserve the option to look for other alternatives to maintain their financial security and their way of living.

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